John Cheesman

screenshot of rss content code
screenshot of rss content code

Pico: RSS Content


A simple, easy to use plugin for importing RSS content into Pico websites.

I wrote this plugin when I was developing my old website so that I could display a feed of recent tracks from my account. It can be used to import content from any RSS feed into a Pico template and allows you to present the information how you want.


To get started, download the files and move them to /plugins/rss-content/

Open config.php and add:

$config['rss_feed'] = ''

In your template create a loop for the feed data like this:

{% for item in rss_content %}
    <h2><a href="{{ }}">{{ item.title }}</a></h2>
    <time>{{ }}</time>
    <p>{{ item.description }}</p>
{% endfor %}


Released 9th February 2014