John Cheesman

screenshot of grids in editorial web design
screenshot of grids in editorial web design

Grids in Editorial Web Design


An essay looking at the role of grids in editorial websites, presented as a single page site and PDF slides.

For this project we had to write a 3000 word essay and give a 10 minute presentation on the use of grids in a chosen area of web design. I decided to focus on editorial websites as they often represent a single medium for publications that span many formats. I was particularly interested in websites that started life in print and how the visual styles and design had translated to the web.

As well as writing the essay I designed a web page to present it. At the time I was experimenting with various grid systems and frameworks. Here I used the Fluid Baseline Grid for vertical dimensions and typographic styles. I also used the Less Framework to create a responsive layout with three columns at full width.

Completed 25th January 2012