John Cheesman

screenshot of exquisite pain
screenshot of exquisite pain

Exquisite Pain


An excerpt taken from Exquisite Pain by Sophie Calle, presented using typography and colour to reflect the subject of the text.

The idea behind this project was to present an excerpt from a book, without the use of images, in a way that reflected the content. I chose to present a section of Exquisite Pain by the artist Sophie Calle, which repeatedly tells the story of breaking up with her partner juxtaposed with stories she obtained through interviews with other people.

I used the aesthetics of the book as a starting point for the styles, separating the two passages by inverting the colours. I also wanted to experiment with some CSS3 features such as columns and transform, which I used to slightly skew the highlighted phrases in the text.

As I couldn’t decide on a body font I decided to add some JavaScript to give the user a choice of three typefaces.

Completed 24th April 2012